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Department of Education Law and Social Policy

The Department conducts didactic activity concerning legal subjects the knowledge of which is necessary for a comprehensive education of pedagogy students, especially: education law, family  and guardianship law, social legislation, intellectual property law, human rights issues including children’s rights. The essential element of didactic activity of the Department are the classes on educational policy and civic education. Students acquire knowledge on social rehabilitation, including its legal aspects; the employees of the Department conduct classes concerning social work, care and educational pedagogy, social rehabilitation, resocialization pedagogy and convicts’ education. Subjects include: ethics of scientific research and researcher’s/academic teacher’s ethics. 

Scientific research conducted in the Department mainly focuses on topics concerning education law, including freedom and rights of persons connected with the education system, ethics of science, education and upbringing, civic education  and presence of religion in public school, as well as issues of social work including diaconal one.

Head of the Department: Prof. Tadeusz J. Zieliński

Prof. Tadeusz J. Zieliński 

He specializes in issues concerning education law, law of higher education and science, including human rights, freedom of worldview, and free expression. Democratic culture of school and issues of civic education are also among his interests. He earned a PhD habil.  degree of Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, whereas he received the title of a Professor of Theology (Protestant) from the President of the Republic of Poland after the procedure conducted at ChAT. He is also a solicitor. 

In the Faculty of Social Sciences he is the Head of the Department of Education Law and Social Policy, the Vice-Rector of ChAT for education and science, as well as an Editor-in-Chief of the Academy’s publishing house. 

Since the 1990s, for 8 years, he was a member of the Polish Sejm, a representative of the Sejm in the Constitutional Tribunal. He participated for 4 years in the Assembly of the Western European Union in Paris and in numerous international events and foreign scientific conferences, study stays and scientific queries at universities and in other scientific institutions in USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Turkey and other countries. He was the chairman of the Advisory Board of the Regional Branch of Polish Television in Katowice. In 2014 a minister proper for education awarded him a Medal of the National Education Commission. 

He conducts classes in education law, family law, human rights, civic education, ethics of the state and law and scientific ethics. 

Rev. Prof. Mirosław A. Michalski

A philosopher, ethicist, theologian and priest of the Polish Catholic Church in the Republic of Poland. His scientific interests focus on philosophy and ethics, religious studies, Old Catholic theology, eco-theology and eco-philosophy, as well as security sciences. He is an author of numerous publications concerning philosophy, theology, pedagogy, ethics, religious studies and security sciences, including. the first monograph about Witold Rubczyński, one of the last Polish Neo-Mesyanists and Neo-Romantics, as well as the Messianic idea in Polish philosophy and literature.

What is more, he is an author of more than 150 other national and foreign publications, a participant of more than 200 conferences and symposiums of national and international  character. A supervisor and reviewer of numerous doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s theses. An author of numerous peer-reviews and a member of scientific societies and editorial boards, associations and foundations. 

Joanna Barbara Kluczyńska, PhD

An academic teacher (senior lecturer). In 2006 she obtained a PhD degree in Humanities in the field of Education at The Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. After studying at ChAT in Warsaw, she got an MA degree in evangelical theology.  She also got a bachelor’s degree in the field of social work in Ecumenical Institute of Pedagogy of ChAT.

Scientific interests: social pedagogy and social work, educational care issues, disability, getting old and old age, dysfunctional families, foster care. 

Sławomir Stasiorowski, PhD

An academic teacher, employed as assistant professor. He acquired a PhD degree in Legal Sciences in the field of Law in 2013 in the Faculty of Law and Administration of University of Lodz. Graduate (MA) of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, a solicitor. Since 2006, he has been a professional probation officer, in the years of 2012-2018 he was a delegate to the Ministry of Justice, since 2019 a specialist probation officer of a District Court of Warszawa Wola, engaged in the activity of the National Probation Officers’ Council. Since 2013 he has been conducting trainings in different subjects for probation officers and probation trainees, penitentiary and enforcement judges, prison guards, employees of emergency services, representatives of non-governmental organizations and other persons connected with the judicial system and system of social readaptation of convicts. He was an academic teacher at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw and the University of Bialystok. Since 2017 he has been a lecturer of the Polish National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution. He is an author of numerous scientific publications in journals and collective works.   

Bogumiła Fliszkiewicz, MA

Bursar, acting Chancellor of ChAT in Warsaw, an administrative and didactic employee. She graduated from the Faculty of Management of the University of Lodz and finished postgraduate studies in the field of organization of social welfare at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Social Rehabilitation of the University of Warsaw. She finished a 2-year program of MBA studies – Management of a Higher Education Institution at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in 2012. 

Artur Chmieliński, MA 

A graduate of law, psychology and resocialization pedagogy, a doctoral student at the Koźmiński University Law School in Warsaw; a legal trainee at the Warsaw Bar Association; works as a teacher in primary school, where he is also a headmaster; cooperates with law offices and law firms; his interests are especially administrative procedural and substantive law concerning education activity (the Act of Education System, an Act – Education Law, the Teacher’s Charter); the second area of his interest is labor law which became the subject of his scientific research.