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The Faculty of Social Sciences cooperates with specific external institutions on either permanent or temporary basis. It strives to build and develop relations with the environment, is open to ideas and suggestions of students, lecturers, library staff, but also the external environment. This cooperation is diverse but always corresponds to the mission of the Christian Theological Academy. The Faculty of Social Sciences takes care of establishing and maintaining cooperation with external stakeholders. Researchers and students represent the Faculty by participating in various marketing, scientific-didactic, cultural activities, as well as popularization of science.

Elżbieta Bednarz, PhD
Rafał Bodarski, PhD
Elżbieta Byrtek, PhD
Joanna Kluczyńska, PhD
Joanna Koleff-Pracka, PhD
Sławomir Stasiorowski, PhD
Anna Walczak, PhD
Jarosław Zabrocki, MA
Yelyzaveta Maksymova – students’ representative