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Dean’s Office

Academic Teachers’ Electronic Card (ELSNA)

Staff and information

Jarosław Zabrocki, MA

Dean’s Office Manager, specialist in matters related to research and teaching

Alina Kozakowska, MA

Administrative and didactic senior specialist (Master’s studies in Education, postgraduate studies, material assistance)

Paulina Chojnowska, MA

Administrative and didactic specialist (Bachelor’s studies, Master’s studies in Pre-school and Early Education)

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+(48) 22 831 95 97 (Internal: 2)

+(48) 506 002 321

82 1240 5918 1111 0010 4480 8050

Staff and information

Working hours

Faculty of Social Sciences
Christian Theological Academy

48 Broniewskiego Street, 01-771 Warsaw

Instruction videos

Registration of a candidate for studies in the Online Recruitment System

Registration and using USOSweb

Registration and using the ChAT Library Catalogue

Registration of a candidate for studies in the Online Recruitment System

General information

The new academic teacher’s service card is a plastic processor card with an interface:

The service card certifies employment as an academic teacher and on the basis of separate regulations*, gives the right to benefit from 33% discount on journeys with the use of:

  • Public collective transport by rail in passenger trains, on the basis of one-off or monthly personal tickets
  • By public collective bus transport in regular transport, based on monthly personal tickets

*Act of 20 June 1992 on the rights to reduced journeys by means of public collective transport (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2018 item 295).
Important! The provisions of the Act do not apply to public city transport

The academic teacher’s service card is encoded with the ZTM key, which allows to save tickets for public transport in Warsaw, including, among others, the “Varsovian Card”

Issuing the service card

Service cards are issued by the organizational units of ChAT (Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Social Sciences).

The service card shall be issued to the academic teacher at his request

The application shall be submitted electronically to the e-mail address of the organizational unit or in person in the organizational unit in which the academic teacher performs his duties

It is necessary to provide the photo in an electronic form in the USOSweb system, bookmark For all, catalogue Photo to the card has to meet the requirements set out in Annex No. 1, description: Point 4.1 to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Regulation of 13 March 2020 on the servicel card of the academic teacher (Journal of Laws of 17.04.2020, item 689)

Application forms

Card issue fee

A fee of PLN 15 is charged for issuing a service card or its duplicate

The payments for the card must be made to the bank account

The application for a service card shall be accompanied by an acknowledgment of the payment of the fee