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A university coordinator for the Erasmus+ program at the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw
prof. Jerzy Sojka

The Erasmus program was established in 1987 as a European student exchange program. Although its scope and objectives expanded in the following years, the main idea remains the same: developing international cooperation between universities. The name Erasmus refers to the name of the Dutch philosopher and theologian, humanist, Erasmus from Rotterdam (1466-1536). Erasmus, like other outstanding Renaissance people, was educated in many academic centers in various European countries, and his views on education were saturated with deep humanism. Erasmus is a cooperation program between universities – aimed at students and employees of higher education universities. In some of its activities, institutions, organizations or enterprises that cooperate with universities may also participate. Erasmus objective to improve the quality of education in European countries by developing international cooperation between universities and supporting the mobility of students and staff of higher education universities.

The rules of students` exchange are regulated by the Erasmus Student Charter, which is declared by universities that have received the Erasmus University Charter, also granted to the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw.