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Welcome Point

Information and service point for international students and lecturers

Welcome Point exists from October 01.10.2022. Its aim is to support students of the Faculty, in particular foreign and non-Polish-speaking students and lecturers. The point is also responsible for preparing new materials about the Faculty, e.g. information folders, a website in English and a mobile application, which are to be created in the coming months.

Foreign students can obtain information on the process of studying and functioning at the University

Non-Polish-speaking students can receive information about the Polish language course at ChAT and materials for self-study

All students can receive information about the activities of the Faculty, organized events and the support offer of the University

Lecturers and foreign guests can use the work space

A mobile app for students „It’s our time”, available for Android devices in Google Play under the name „Social Sciences ChAT”

The new website of the Faculty of Social Sciences in English

New printed information materials about the faculty and its departments (available on-site and during our events)

Promotional film about the Faculty

We also coordinated a set of workshops for the administrative, managerial and didactical staff about intercultural communication, anti-discrimination and legal issues regarding foreign students’ management.

Visit us


48 Broniewskiego Street, 01-771 Warsaw

Working hours

Monday 8:00-12:00

Tuesday 9:00-13:00

Wednesday 8:00-12:00

Thursday 9:00-13:00

Friday 8:00-13:00, online at MS Teams Społeczność ChAT