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The procedure of determining program differences

I. Legal basis of the procedure

Terms and Conditions of studies at the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw, annexed to Resolution No. 23/2019 of the Senate of the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw of 19 September 2019 on the adoption of the Terms and Conditions at the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw.

II. Objective of the procedure

The objective of the procedure is to outline how to determine the program differences, the conditions of passing the courses determined as program differences, and to indicate the persons responsible for determining the differences.

III. The owner of the procedure

Dean, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs

IV. Persons responsible for the implementation of the procedure

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, coordinators for program differences of a given field and a given specialty, persons conducting classes, students who are obliged to realize program differences, employees of the Dean’s Office conducting student affairs of a given specialty.

V. Scope of the procedure

The procedure applies to students of Bachelor`s and Master`slevels studyingEducation, Pre-school and Early Education, and Social Work, who are obliged to pass the subjects required to obtain full qualifications consistent with the degree and realized specialization for a given cycle of education.

VI. The procedure concerns:

• students returning to the Academy after Dean’s leave,

• students changing the field of study, specialization;

• students who have moved from another university,

• students who resume their studies after a break,

• other.

NOTE: The procedure does not apply to students returning from student exchange under the Erasmus+ and MOST programs

VII. General principles of procedures

1. In the Dean’s Office or through the USOS system, the student applies to the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and requests entrance to a defined major and a given specialty for a specific year.

2. The application shall be submitted in the Dean’s Office no later than 14 days before the beginning of the academic year or semester.

3. After obtaining the consent of Dean. the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs (within 7 days from the submission of the application) analyzes the documentation and sets out the program differences in agreement with the coordinator of the specialty concerned by the program differences.

4. The Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and coordinator of program differences in a defined specialization, within 7 days,  shall determine:

• obligatory classes,

• the number of hours along with ECTS points,

• the form of credit classes,

• the form of classes, the scope of the material and the date of completion, and the way of achieving the effects of education recorded in the syllabus of the subject,

• directs to the lecturer(s) leading the classes.

5. An Annex completed by the academic teachers as part of the program differences remains in the student’s documentation in the Dean’s Office.

6. The Dean’s Office is obliged to add the student to the designated classes in the USOS system within 7 days from the appointment of program differences by the Coordinator. The student is obliged to realize program differences by the end of the academic year.

7. Failure to meet the appointed obligations within a specified period results in failure to complete the year of study.