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The Faculty of Social Sciences, ChAT was first established as the Faculty of Pedagogy in 2012. However, studies in Education at ChAT stretches back to 1989. Currently, the Faculty consists of four departments: Department of Didactics and Comparative Education, Department of Pedagogy of Religion and Culture, Department of Education Law and Social Policy, and Department of Andragogy and Sociology of Education. The area of scholarly interests of the Faculty’s academics is extensive and interdisciplinary. They partner with research teams, institutes, universities home and abroad, i.a. with higher education institutions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel and Germany.

In 2012, the Faculty was awarded a positive assessment by the Polish Accreditation Commission and holds a “B+” scientific category (2022 parametric evaluation). The Faculty of Social Sciences affiliates the scientific journal Studia z Teorii Wychowania [Studies on the Theory of Education], which has 100 points in the journals ranking list of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The Faculty of Social Sciences, ChAT develops research and didactic partnership with international centres under the Erasmus+, DAAD and bilateral agreements programmes. It works among others with the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the Children’s University of Interesting History, the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, the KLANZA Association, Ale Nauczanie Foundation, Akces Edukacja [Lego Education], as well as with numerous preschools, schools of all stages, cultural institutions from the capital city of Warsaw and others.

Since its establishment, the Faculty of Social Sciences has been pursuing innovative and fully adapted to the demands of the labour market education programmes in the fields of social work, early childhood education, care pedagogy, resocialization and intercultural pedagogy, school pedagogy with educational therapy, vocational counselling and socio-cultural pedagogy.

The study programmes comply with the requirements of the Polish Qualifications Framework, and teaching specialities additionally meet the required teacher training standards. The Faculty also offers 2-semester Postgraduate Studies in Organization and Management of Educational Institutions.

In professional education of its students and course participants, the Faculty pays special attention to practice and workshops. It has an Early Education methodology lab (MAKERSPACE) and fully equipped lecture rooms with modern computer equipment and interactive multimedia boards. The In-Library Reference Section provides resources for print disabled users, and the Library collections of pedagogical books and teaching aids are continually being developed.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is committed to openness and support for student initiatives. We organise extra-curricular methodical classes for students, i.a. in the fields of art and in inclusive, intercultural and anti-discrimination education. The Faculty is open to cooperation with the external partners and organisations – we invite Guests conducting lectures, workshops and training sessions for students; we organise and provide guidance in the selection of student practical placements and internships in proven educational care, educational and social work institutions.

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw is a place for people open to the world and its cultural diversity. We are committed to academic excellence, to supporting and developing students’ interests and to maintaining good and long-standing relationships with external partners.