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Educational offer

The Faculty of Social Sciences of ChAT in Warsaw is an ideal place for people open to the world and its varieties, which take care of the high didactic and scientific level, develops students` interests, is eager to cooperate with the external environment – we invite guests to conduct lectures, workshops and courses for our students, organize students` trainees and internships as well as we are open to students` initiatives.

The Faculty of Social Sciences of ChAT also develops the scientific cooperation with foreign centers within Erasmus + programs, bilateral agreements, scholarship programs.

If you are looking for the atmosphere of cooperation, good relations with academic teachers, a Staff of high didactic abilities, if you want to study at a modern, creative and eager to positive changes University in which varied ways of thinking are respected – just start studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences of ChAT

We offer:

  • free of charge Bachelor`s and Master`s full-time studies at a public academy, a flexible and modern program of Education, unique atmosphere, personal relationships between students and lecturers
  • postgraduate studies at an attractive price
  • studies in a modern and friendly academic complex

The high quality of education is confirmed by the obtained 'Studies with the Future’ certificates (2018, 2019, 2020, 2022), awarded to courses implemented according to modern and valuable education programs, well-suited to the needs of the labor market. Moreover, the studies were awarded the Extraordinary Certificate – 'Laurel of Innovation’ for the implementation of the most innovative and unique solutions in the field of material base and technologies supporting the teaching process.