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’Training on religion as a lever toward mental and physical health’ (TORAL) was a research and teaching project carried out under the EU Erasmus Plus Program of the Strategic Partnerships (project number KA204-073981) in relation to adult education. The project lasted in the years 2019-2022. The coordinator and contractor of the project from ChAT was prof. Renata Nowakowska-Siuta, and contractors: Prof. Tadeusz Jacek Zieliński, Prof. Stefan Tomasz Kwiatkowski, and Prof. Jerzy Sojka. During the project, the team developed a program of training aid workers (social workers, nurses, social rehabilitation specialists and persons working in care institutions and refugee centers) in respect of human rights to maintain religious identity. The training manual has been prepared along with a multilingual application concerning broadly understood religious education and knowledge about Islam and Christianity, bothWestern and Eastern. The project also assumes the implementation and social impact of an international nature, not only in the form of the above-mentioned intellectual outputs, but also courses for future aid workers: Bachelor’s, Master’s and postgraduate students in Education, Social Work and Theology.

Institutions that took part in the project:

  • Erciyes University, Kayseri;
  • GaziUniversitesi, Ankara;
  • OrthodoxAcademy of Crete, Chania
  • Sdruzenije na Raboteshtite s Hora s Uvrezhdaniya, Plovdiv,
  • PhoenixKM BVBA, Kortemark

Advisory Board:

  • Rev. Prof. Norbert Pikuła
  • Rev. Prof. Krzysztof Warchałowski
  • Rev. Prof. Bogusław Milerski
  • Contact to the international team: