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Health insurance

Students who have exceeded 18 years of age are still covered by health insurance for the duration of the study. The obligation to apply for insurance is on parents or legal guardians until the age of 26, and without age limit if they have a formal certificate of at least significant degree of disability. Regardless of the age of the student or doctoral student, the obligation to apply for insurance rests with the spouse, if he/she is subject to compulsory health insurance.

However, this does not apply to students who are over 26 years of age, who, in the absence of another insurance title, are insured at their written request by the Academy.

Pursuant to Article 86(1), points 6 and 14 and (2) of the Act of 27 August 2004 on health care services financed from public funds (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2008 No. 164, item 1027) Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw, on the basis of a written application of the person concerned, applies for health insurance and pays a health insurance contribution for students and doctoral students who:

1. are 26 years of age or more and are not subject to the obligation of insurance for another reason,

2. are under 26 years of age and are not subject to the obligation of insurance under another title mentioned in Article 66 of the Act.

  • application form (ZUS – ZZA),
  • own written statement
  • valid student ID card
  • valid ID card.

Students who are not Polish citizens or citizens of European Union countries, who have been recognized as persons of Polish origin within the meaning of the provisions on repatriation or have a valid Pole’s Card and are not subject to health insurance on another account, may be insured by the Academy provided that the required documents are provided:

  • application form (ZUS – ZZA),
  • own written statement
  • a certificate confirming the Polish originvalid student ID card
  • valid passport.

The insured student can also insure the members of his family (non-working wife, non-working husband and/or children).

  • valid ID of the spouse (in case of insuring spouse)
  • marriage certificate (in case of insuring spouses)
  • birth certificate (in case of insuring children)
  • child’s PESEL number (in case of insuring children)

The document confirming the status of the insured is a document confirming the health insurance application issued by the Finance Office of ChAT or a document confirming the payment of health insurance contributions.

The right to health care services for students expires after 4 months, and for doctoral students 30 days from the end of study or deletion from the list of doctoral students, i.e. from the moment of deregistration from health insurance by the Academy.

The student, submitted for health insurance by the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw, is obliged to inform within 7 days about:

  • the creation of another title to compulsory health insurance,
  • submitting a diploma thesis,
  • deletion from the list of students,
  • change of personal data (his or his family members).

Applications for health insurance to be downloaded:

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