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Education – Master’s studies

The Faculty offers the following specializations for Master’s studies:

School pedagogy with diagnosis and educational therapy

The specialization prepares to the profession of school educator with the possibility to undertake diagnostic and re-educational activities of children and adolescents with specific problems in learning and behavior. The program takes into account innovative methods of transferring knowledge in the field of diagnosis and educational therapy.

Social rehabilitation and social prevention

The specialization prepares to perform the role of a specialist educator for social prevention and rehabilitation purposes in educational and care institutions, preventive social rehabilitation, and penitentiary institutions, both in an open and closed environment.

Educational preparation at the Master’s studies

Our studies in Education on the Master’s level in specializations: School Pedagogy with Diagnosis and Educational Therapy and Social Rehabilitation and Social Prevention fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science regarding the specific qualifications required from teachers and the standards of preparing teachers.
Two groups of classes are distinguished, during which specific educational effects are achieved, linked to the fulfilment of these requirements:

Module 1: Psychological and pedagogical preparation

Psychology – 90 hours
Education – 90 hours
Student traineeship – 30 hours

Module 2: Basics of didactics and voice emission

Basics of didactics – 30 hours
Voice emission – 30 hours
Traineeship – 120 hours

Module 1 and 2 should be realized by graduates of higher education programmes which were not connected to the teaching profession, and who intend to undertake Master’s degree studies and obtain qualifications required to become teachers.

Faculty of Social Sciences defines extra classes in the Module 1 and 2. The list of these classes can be found here