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The Polish Accreditation Committee, by its resolution of 22.10.2020, granted a positive program evaluation for the field of Education at the level of Bachelor’s and Master`s studies with a general academic profile. The Presidium of the Polish Accreditation Committee stated that the education process carried out at the Faculty of Social Sciences of ChAT enables students of Education to achieve the assumed learning outcomes. All the criteria set out in the  Regulation of the Ministry of Sciences and Higher Education on the criteria for the evaluation of the program have been met, which justifies the granting of a positive assessment.

The positive assessment confirms the high quality of education, which is extremely important for graduates, current students and candidates for bachelor`s and master`s studies. The next program evaluation in the field of education should take place in the academic year 2026/2027.

The Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA)is an independent institution financed from the state budget, operating within the framework of the Polish higher education system to improve the quality of education in all public and non-public universities. Submission to PKA assessment is mandatory.