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The procedure of class observation

Basic assumptions:

The procedure of class observation is in line with the assumptions of the Faculty’s Quality Assurance System and serves to improve the quality of the teaching process implemented in 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree studies in the fields of: Pre-school and Early Education, and Education.

The persons authorized to conduct the class observation are the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Deputy Dean for student affairs, the heads of the departments in which the observed teacher is employed or to which the observed doctoral student is assigned.

The class observations are held each academic year depending on the schedule, and are mandatory in the year of the employee’s regular assessment. The visiting teacher prepares a schedule of the class observation of employees informing them about planned class observations.

The class observations are implemented in accordance with the schedule specified at the beginning of the year. A week before the class observation the observed teacher  prepares and presents to the observing teacher the outline of the conducted classes, determining their compliance with the objectives, forms, methods and expected effects specified in the syllabus of the subject.

The task of the observing teacher is to assess:

1. assumed objectives of the class
2. content enabling the realization of objectives during the class
3. adequacy of the methods and forms used during the class
4. the results achieved by the students, inter alia, on the basis of the class evaluation sheet completed directly after the classes and fill in the attached observation sheet and make a positive or negative assessment of the whole observed class conducted in accordance with the assumed criteria.

The completed observation sheet is the basis for the post-observation conversation. A post-observation conversation takes place within the agreed deadline (but no later than one week after the observation). Its aim is to assess and then discuss the objectives assumed by the observed teacher, forms of students` activity, methods of conducting classes, which should be adequate to the content and activating students in the process of acquiring knowledge. The undertaken educational activities should be aimed at achieving the assumed educational effects by students. After the conversation, the observed person and observing teacher will sign at the designated location of the observing sheet. The proposed assessment – positive or negative – must comply with the criteria adopted at the Faculty. The observed teacher has the right not to accept the proposed assessment and to appeal it to the Dean of the WSE within seven days of the assessment. The completed observing sheet is archived in the documentation in the appropriate Department.

At the end of the academic year (until 30 June), the head of the Department submits a completed schedule of class observations in the Dean’s Office, taking into account the planned and completed class observations in a given academic year.

The negative assessment is received by an employee who has not achieved the assumed objectives, effects, content, inadequately used the methods and forms of students` activity. In the case of negative assessment, there is a re-observation and evaluation of the classes conducted by the employee after one month.