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Instruction on the procedure of granting a doctoral degree in the field of Social Sciences, discipline Education


1. This manual sets out the rules for conducting proceedings in extramural mode on granting a doctoral degree, for which the doctoral entity in accordance with Article 185 of the Act of 20 July 2018 – Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of laws of 2018 item 1668, as amended) is the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw.

2. The Faculty Board, hereinafter referred to as the “FB”, is the body within the meaning of Article 28(4) of the Act competent to conduct proceedings on granting doctoral degrees in discipline or disciplines indicated in the Senate resolution.

3. The FB, which is the body entitled to grant the doctoral degree in the  indicated discipline, is competent to conduct proceedings on granting the degree.

4. Decisions of the FB issued in the proceedings shall be signed by the President of the Board.

5. The procedure for granting the doctoral degree shall be initiated at the request of a person meeting the requirements set out in points (1) to (3) of Article 186(1) or (2). The application shall be accompanied by a doctoral thesis further accompanied by a positive opinion of the supervisor or supervisors.


1. An applicant for an extramural doctorate shall submit documents to the FB:

1) an application form to the FB to appoint a supervisor or supervisors or ancillary supervisor (according to Annex)

2) an application form to the FB to initiate proceedings for granting a PhD degree (according to Annex)

3) a doctoral thesis in six copies with its copy on a digital medium

a) the doctoral thesis should be accompanied by a summary in Polish and English;

b) the candidate may submit a request for a consent to present the doctoral thesis in a language other than Polish. A Dean shall take a decision in this regard in agreement with the Commission verifying learning outcomes

c) in case a doctoral thesis is a part of a collective work, the candidate shall submit separately to the files of proceedings statements of all its co-authors, specifying the individual contribution of each of them to its creation. The candidate shall be exempted from the obligation to submit a declaration in the event of the death of the co-author, of his/her recognition as deceased or of his/her permanent injury to health preventing him/her from obtaining the required declaration;

4) a written opinion of the doctoral thesis of the supervisor or supervisors (in the case of an interdisciplinary doctoral thesis);

5) a certificate or diploma of graduation, certifying knowledge of modern foreign language at the level of language proficiency at least B2;

6) a personal questionnaire (according to annex)

7) a scientific and professional resume containing a list of scientific works and creative works and information about activities popularizing science;

8) at least one publication, meeting the statutory requirements, in the form of a scientific article published in a scientific journal or in peer-reviewed materials from an international conference or a scientific monograph;

9) information about the initiation and course of the procedure for granting the doctoral degree, if the candidate has previously applied for granting the doctoral degree;

10) statements on the place of current employment;

11) confirmation of payment of the fee for conducting the proceedings to the Academy account.

2. The Supervisor shall attach a declaration of compliance with the requirements of Article 190(6) of the Act, under which there is no reason to ban the role of a supervisor.


1. The candidate shall prepare a thesis in six identical copies in A-4 format,

1) a copy intended for the doctoral thesis – in a soft cover,

2) a copy designed for the library – in a hard cover with a CD-R in a hard cover,

3) three copies, intended for reviewers – in a hard cover,

4) a copy left directly at the supervisor – a cover according to the requirements of the supervisor.

2. The thesis shall be printed on both sides and each printed page shall be numbered (except for the first page, the title page).

3. The first page – the title page, shall be printed one-sided without numbering (according to Annex)

4. The following pages, numbered from '2′, are: the statement of the author of the thesis and the supervisor (according to Annex),a summary of the thesis in Polish and English, followed by a table of contents and further the entire substantive content of the thesis.

5. The editorial requirements, the structure of the doctoral thesis and the method of formatting the text of the thesis are set out in Annex .

6. Substantive requirements concerning the preparation of the thesis, the candidate shall determine with the supervisor.


1. The record of the entire thesis (in the same wording as the printed version) shall be recorded in a single file on an electronic medium CD-R in the format ‘pdf’ and doc/dozc/odt. The record shall bear the words 'Doctoral thesis – year…’, and the name(s) and surname of the author of the thesis.

2. Summaries of the thesis in English (in the same wording as in the printed version) the candidate is obliged to send in separate files in the format 'pdf’– to the e-mail address of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences, provided on the website – at the latest 3 days before the submission of the thesis in the printed version.


1. The Academy, no later than 30 days before the designated day of defense of the doctoral thesis, shall make available in Public Information Bulletin (BIP) on its  website, a doctoral thesis which is a written work together with its summary or a description of the doctoral thesis which is not a written work and reviews.

2. In the case of a doctoral thesis, the subject of which is covered by a legally protected secret, only reviews shall be made available, excluding the content covered by that secret.

3. The documents referred to in paragraph 1 shall be included in the system referred to in Article 342(1) of the Act as soon as they are made available.


If the doctoral thesis is a written work, the entity conducting the proceedings checks it against defense using the uniform Antiplagiarism System (JSA) referred to in Article 351(1) of the Act.


1. The candidate applying for a doctoral degree in an extramural mode is subject to the verification of the learning outcomes for a qualification at the level of 8 PQF.

2. The candidate to the doctoral degree before admission to the defense of the doctoral thesis is obliged to pass the following doctoral examinations:

1) examination in the field of basic discipline, corresponding to the subject of doctoral thesis, i.e. Education;

2) examination in the field of additional discipline, i.e. Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology (to choose from)

3. The time limit and composition of the examination board referred to in paragraph 1(1-3) shall be determined by the Commission after a positive review has been obtained, once the candidate has submitted a willingness to take the examination, no later than 2 months after the positive review has been obtained.

4. In the event of failure to pass one of the doctoral examinations, the Commission may, at the request of the candidate, agree to repeat the examination, but not earlier than three months after the date of accession to the examination for the first time and not more than once.

5. The supervisor may participate in doctoral exams without the right to vote.

6. Doctoral examinations are assessed according to the scale of assessments specified in the ChAT Terms and conditions.


1. The Commission shall appoint three reviewers, with the title of professor or habilitated doctor (specialists in the area of problems discussed in the doctoral thesis) from among persons employed in an organizational unit (university, scientific, research or international institute) other than the one whose employee is the person applying for the doctoral degree and not employees of the university conducting proceedings for granting a doctoral degree.

2. A reviewer may be a person who does not meet the conditions of having the title of professor or the degree of habilitated doctor, who is an employee of a foreign university or scientific institution, if the Commission, with the consent of the FB, considers that the person has significant achievements in the field of scientific issues covered by the doctoral thesis.

3. The reviewer shall not be a person who has reasonable doubts about his impartiality.

4. The reviewers are appointed by a resolution of the Commission.

5. Where a doctoral thesis is a part of a collective work, each review shall include an assessment of the individual contribution of the candidate to its creation.

6. Reviewers will present the reviews of the doctoral thesis in a paper form with a copy written on the IT data carrier within two months from the date of its delivery. A review agreement shall be concluded with the reviewers.

7. Positive reviews must conclude with an unequivocal statement that the doctoral thesis meets the requirements set out in Article 187(1) and (2) of the Act.

8. Where two of the three reviews are negative, the Commission shall refrain from further proceedings on the assignment of a doctoral degree and shall submit to the FB a proposal not to accept the doctoral thesis and to prevent it from the defense, together with a justification.


1. The Commission, having read the doctoral thesis, the opinion of the supervisor, positive reviews and the protocols for passing all doctoral examinations, shall adopt a resolution on the acceptance of the doctoral thesis and admission to public defense, hereinafter referred to as “defense”.

2. The Commission, after setting the date and place of a public defense, shall transmit notices of defense to the candidate to the doctoral degree, to the supervisor, to the assistant supervisor, if appointed, to the reviewers and to the FB and shall include information on the bulletin board at the Academy headquarters and the Public Information Bulletin (BIP), at least 30 days before the date of the defense.

3. The candidate before proceeding to defend the doctoral thesis shall submit:

1) written responses to reviews;

2) a personal summary with the main thesis (in volume not exceeding 10-15 pages A-4).

4. The Commission shall, in the event of failure to accept the thesis and of its refusal to defend it, bring the matter to the attention of the Senate, which shall adopt a resolution on the matter.


1. The defense of the doctoral thesis is open (public) and takes place before the Commission with the participation of the supervisor, assistant supervisor and at least two reviewers. The defense of the thesis consists of a non-confidential and confidential part.

2. The defense may be carried out using technical devices enabling it to be carried out at a distance, with simultaneous direct transmission of the image and sound.

3. In the non-confidential defense part:

1) the supervisor presents the candidate for the doctoral degree, with a special discussion of his professional and scientific achievements;

2) the candidate presents the personal summary, in which he presents the main assumptions and results of the doctoral thesis;

3) reviewers present their reviews. In the absence of one of the reviewers, the chairman of the doctoral commission shall manage the reading of the entire review;

4) all participants of the doctoral defense may take the floor in an open discussion;

5) the discussion ends with the statement of the candidate, in which he refers to the review and answers questions formulated during the defense.

4. The defense ends with a confidential part, in which the members of the Commission, the supervisor and reviewers participate – with the right to vote, as well as the auxiliary supervisor – without the right to vote. During this meeting, the Commission adopts a resolution on the acceptance of the public defense of the doctoral thesis and a request to the FB to grant a doctoral degree.

5. In the event that a request for recognition is submitted in three reviews of the thesis, the Commission may adopt a resolution on the recognition of the doctoral thesis and apply to the FB for recognition of the thesis.

6. The resolutions referred to in paragraphs 4 and 5 shall be adopted by a secret ballot, by an absolute majority of votes, with at least half of the total number of persons entitled to vote.

7. In the event that more than one candidate is applied for a doctoral degree on the basis of a doctoral thesis being a part of a collective work at the Academy:

1) the defense shall be carried out simultaneously for all of them;

2) resolutions on the outcome of individual proceedings for granting a doctoral degree are adopted separately for each of them.


1. The chairman of the Commission shall present to the FB a resolution on the acceptance of the public defense of the doctoral thesis, requesting the adoption of a resolution on the assignment of the doctoral degree.

2. The resolution on granting the doctoral degree shall be adopted by the FB by an absolute majority of votes, with at least half of the total number of persons entitled to vote.

3. The person to whom the doctoral degree has been granted shall be issued the original and a copy of the doctoral diploma.

4. Doctoral degrees are granted to doctoral students at the solemn doctoral promotion after prior settlement of all substantive issues and financial obligations related to the conduct of the procedure for granting the doctoral degree.


1. If a person applying for a doctoral degree within the prescribed period does not take doctoral examinations and doctoral defense, the Commission may apply to the FB for a resolution on the expiry of the application to initiate the procedure for granting a doctoral degree.

2. In the case of a decision refusing to allow the defense of a doctoral thesis, the candidate is entitled to a complaint to the Rada DoskonałościNaukowej (RDN), which should be submitted through the authority that issued it.

3. In the event of the refusal to defend a doctoral thesis or the decision to refuse to grant a doctoral degree, the same thesis may not be the basis for re-applying for granting a doctoral degree.

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