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A website for students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of ChAT and doctoral students of Education.

We encourage you to publish your essays, reflections, reports, photos, films from classes, research studies, travels, scholarship stays and other activities related to studies in our Faculty.

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Students activities:

  • The realization of classes in social and natural Education can be a great fun if you use, for example, activating work with LEGO Education blocks. During the seminar conducted on 24.03.2022 with a group of students, we created an environment of animal life from LEGO Education blocks, a topic falling within the issues of earlyeducation programs. As you can see, adults are having fun, exactly as children do. It is worth including active working methods in teaching any subject, and in the case of early education, activation of all students, using child-friendly methods and teaching resources is invaluable. In the pictures there are students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of ChAT together with the lecturer ElżbietaBednarz, PhD.
  • As part of elective classes with students: 'Possibilities of influence through art in the process of education’ conducted by Marek Szałajski MA, a gallery of current works performed by students was established. The task being the basis of the works presented in the gallery concerned Andy Warhol’s work.

A gallery of students works

  • ’You can’t see me, but everything is OK with me.’ 'Even the best technologies will not replace direct contact with other people during remote teaching. These relationships are the most important. When the camera is off, we do not know what is heard in the other person, whether everything is in order, what is her/his well-being, whether she can help or needs help.’ We found a way to tell others what we hear.